நேர் கொண்ட பார்வை

*நேர் கொண்ட பார்வை : (PINK remake, acted by Amithab)*🙏Ramu🙏14/8/19

*Short review*:
MUST/SHOULD/ CERTAINLY/AT ANY COST one should watch this movie, not alone but with YOUR SONS (daughters too) irrespective of their AGE 10 or 20 or 30.

*Theme of this movie:*

(1) How much ever seducing dress girls’ wear; how much ever she may be casual; she might smoke or has the habit of drink; she might have slept with few friends; so on and on, *ONE SHOULDN’T INFER THAT THAT GIRL MIGHT BE A SLUT and she may sleep with anyone.*

(2) If a GIRL said *”NO”* , it means *NO. Period.*

Though I had watched the original, that too enacted by legendary of this era Amitabh, watching it in TAMIL (mother tongue) is AMAAAAAAZING!!!!

Though I liked the Hindi original, i could not appreciate or make out the depth and the power of dialogues.

I have reluctantly watched the Tamil version as I have never liked the acting of Ajithkumar ( i don’t even like Vijay acting too).

However, after watched, i have become “thala” fan as he did superbly after his cult movie “AASAI” during late ’90s.

One should salute and i would like to HUG tightly the director H. Vinoth for his beautiful “remake”.

Dear Thala,
After Rajini and Kamal, I have never watched any movies for the heros but for directors.
However, through this movie, you have made *”A KILL”* and you had even performed beyond Amitabh.

My day was made by watching this FABULOUS movie.

sample dialogues between defence lawyer and his own client :

L : Are you a virgin??
G: hesitantly, “No”.
L: At what age lost virginity?
G : 19
L : with whom?
G : with my boyfriend?
L: how much money you demanded?
G: No sir. Why should I? We were attracted to each other and we both felt needed.
L : Is that only with that boy friend or with few.
G: hesitantly, with few.
L: Then why did you refuse to him??
G : hesitantly, I am not a prostitute, ….

Happily yours,


My life philosophy on missing link between Success Vs Intelligence

My life philosophy on *”missing link between Success Vs Intelligence”: – Part 3:* 🙏Ramu🙏17/8/19🙏

(1) The REALITY is, of course, *few DUMBS (not lots of dumbs) are more successful than lots of “intelligent” people.*

(2) The primary difference between few successful DUMBS and lots of intelligent people who settled for AVERAGE is lack of *FOCUS*

(3) The inherent *weakness*(as well as strength) widespread among knowledge seekers is, they are surrounded with *ABUNDANT of options*.

(4) As “intelligence” throws GALORE of options, it’s sometimes *not allowing the intelligents to FIX on one thing* and thus their mind keeps on searching for *greener pastures* continuously.

(5) For example, consider a business case involves with two CONTRAST businesses men, one is Dumb and the other is far superior in KNOWLEDGE, smartness, etc both of whom operate in the same HOTEL industry but on different generation.

(6) One is Late Rajagopalan, founder of Hotel Saravana Bhavan who could achieve INCREDIBLE success and take his business from Zero to 2000 crores or so.

(7) *I never get carried away,* as the other people believe, Late Rajagopalan was gifted with lots of business acumen and he had *”hotel blood”*, bla, bla..etc

(8) To me, he was an ordinary below average, short sighted man, who had just started Hotel Saravana Bhavan only on a *pure survival purpose.*

(9) As usual, like all reasonable businessmen, he too had believed if he was able to satisfy his customers by providing more value than what they pay, he can succeed.

(10) As usual, very few reasonable businessmen used to do, Rajagopal too had REINVESTED his PROFITS in to business instead of buying jewellery and real estate when business was doing well, during initial stages.

(11) Once, he had multiplied his number of branches from 3 to 4, as usual, unemployed honest knowledgeable and strategists swarmed around Rajagopal and helped him to achieve INCREDIBLE success and millions.

(12) After initial struggles and started few successful branches, Rajagopal’s job was done and done. That’s all.

(13) Beyond that it’s just listened to MBAs and experts, apply commonsense, and be around is that all multi millionaire do.

(14) The prime reason for his success is, as he was inherent DUMB, and he can not jump from one business to other during initial days as it was his survival, he was able to FOCUS on one business irrespective of its initial day struggles.

(15) However, IIM, Ahmadabad graduate, Sarath Babu, who had ignored all highly lucrative campus placements and plunged in to same HOTEL Industry.

(16) Despite being smart, intelligent, he can not succeed in his first business venture, only because, his same intelligence and smartness considered to strength acted AGAINST him by throwing lots of lucrative options which might be far superior to Hotel business.

(17) *Conclusion 1: Few dumbs who achieved phenomenal success primarily because, as it’s their question of survival and more importantly as they have possessed less INTELLIGENCE, they have no other options, and thus, they are ABLE TO FIX ON ONE THING.*

(18) *Conclusion 2: The lots of intelligent people have settled for average, because, their own strength turned out as weakness and that throw lots of options and thus they CAN NOT FIX on ONE thing.*

*Yearning for FOCUS,*

Whatsapp Groups Behavioural attitude : ELITIST Vs non-graduates

*My “disturbing” observations about the behavioral attitudes of various “Whatsapp” groups*

*Behavioural attitude : ELITIST group Vs NON GRADUATE groups*

I am being a member of BE Whatsapp group and member of PG whatsapp group and one ELITE group.

My school mate, who has
been part of a diploma group and my another friend too has been part of school group and *both of them are not graduates.*

One of our recent “phone chats during my morning walk”, i discussed about Cafe Coffee Day Siddharth suicide.

My both friends were absolutely unaware of what is Coffee Day, who is Siddharth, what matters if he killed himself and it seems they’re too NAIVE.

Then, as if I am up to date of all current affairs, in a teasing way, I sarcastically inquired as, “at least are you aware of Article 370???”

Again, it seems, both expressed their ignorance and really, i was pity on them.

Then sarcastically, I teased both of them as,

*”What is your Whatsapp group doing”??*

*”Don’t they discuss these matters?? don’t they do forwards about these most important affairs???”*

They said big *NO*. Most of ours are not even graduated and *we discuss only on “Tamil language” as most of us are not capable of understanding English language.*

Then, i feel proud of my being part of the elitist groups, and with ultimate arrogance, I teased them again as,

*”Then what’s the use of part of your school and diploma group???”*

“Why do you unnecessarily waste your time by being part of your school group??”

“Then what else you guys doing by being part of whatsapp group?”

*”What VALUE add you do through your school group by being part??”*

Again, my friend naively shared what’s their activities through their school group as follows.

(1) One of his friends became paralyzed recently. Their group has contributed about ₹1.5 lac, submitted to LIC on his name and arranged for annuity of Rs ₹1200 life long.

(2) One of their friends had met with fatal accidents and few members personally helped their family by claiming various LIC funds and deposits.

(3) Who so ever daughter’s or son’s marriage, puberty, college admissions, etc all group members used to contribute small amounts and few members who have been residing near to the concerned function, they go and grace the occasion *without fail* and do all the needful *more than their relatives do.*

(3) Recently, one of his friends got 3 VIP Tickets for “Athi varadharajan dharshan” and last minute, he could not make it and posted to the group. This delightful opportunity has been utilized by other members.

(4) During last 5 years, they (around 25 members) conduct 2 meets per year, one as a bachelor’s meet and another one is a family meet in various locations such as Yercaud, Ooty, Mangalore, etc.

(5) Through these meets all of their SPOUSES too are well connected and those all “wives” formed the whatsapp group and they have made very good friendship out of them.

(6) Few members of the diploma group assume responsibility of distributing “prizes/momentos” to their member’s children who scored good marks or showcased their talents in school level or something.

(7) I have personally attended few functions and few get together as a guest and how these even “non graduates” make friendship and share all possible resources with each other and it gives huge moral support for all their SPOUSES especially.

To my utter disappointing, i feel shame including my attitude of being part of various ELITIST group and WE so call elitist do nothing but pure *INTELLECTUAL* *maxxerbauxxxns* with full of egos, proving who is right, hurting the close friends by forwarding far or against to Modi, Pakistani, religious discriminations, etc is really is unpardonable.

I feel really sorry for all the ELITIST groups and we each one of us should learn how SCHOOL groups extend REAL support to their SPOUSES and children.

My concern is, one should not presume the above mentioned two school groups are exceptions.

*This wonderful behavioural pattern is more or less common for all SCHOOL groups who are academically less qualified.*

Again, it’s sad but this too is the fact that *the above mentioned attitude of ELITIST group too common for all ELITIST groups.*

Again my concern is, *including me,* KNOWLEDGE shouldn’t be used for proving others are wrong but for extending hands to search for opportunities to *TOUCH others LIVES and we should try to make “EMOTIONAL CONNECT” rather than “intellectual connect”.*

Dear elite members,

*Our objective of life should be “gently fondling the HEART of the near and dears rather than stimulating the MIND.”*

Disturbingly yours,

My life philosophy : Missing link between Success Vs Intelligence

My life philosophy on *”missing link between Success Vs Intelligence”: – Part 2:* 🙏Ramu🙏11/8/19🙏

(1) The first and foremost thing, one needs to understand, it’s a *COMPLETE MYTH* and *pure MISCONCEPTION* as few readers think, *”lots of dumb people are more successful than lots of intellectuals.”*

(2) The REALITY is, of course, few DUMBS are more successful than lots of “intelligent people.”

(3) The second myth, we most of us perceive as, if we send our children to the world best schools and universities, they are bound to be successful.

(4) The REALITY, is as we all suspect, *ABSOLUTELY, there’s NO any CORRELATION between KNOWLEDGE and SUCCESS.*

(5)That’s why, we most of us get disappointed or can not STOMACH when people of less intelligence than us get succeeded in life.

(6) No one in this world, including Warren Buffett to Bill Gates can not GIVE (even their own biological children) EXACT formula or PRECISE RECIPE for success.

(7) Even, they themselves can not REPEAT, if they take REBIRTH.

(9) The SUCCESS of success is, it’s ELUSIVE nature to everyone, and it can not be CONFINED in to any formula and each one of us have to FIND our own RECIPE.

*Then why do we INSIST or DEMAND either ourselves or our children to ACQUIRE knowledge, if it doesn’t guarantee SUCCESS??*

*By considering the readability, I STOP here and continue in PART-3.*

Excusingly yours,


*One of the Life’s most important dilemmas:*

Why people who are far superior in terms of knowledge, opportunities, upbringing and so on, end up doing mediocre??


*Why most people who possess far inferior knowledge and skills end up finishing much better off than/ to most people who possess far superior knowledge and skills??*

The above dilemma might be the second most unsolvable one after “the secret of death??”

Though I write it in autobiographical tone, each one of you might have encountered the same “RIDDLE/PUZZLE” in any stages of life.
One of my close young relatives, who is working in IT, one day in a soft, melodious, but on a contemplating tone asked,

“Uncle!!! Over a couple of years, I myself observe, as talking to you giving me more pleasure, I am becoming more knowledgeable, being comfortable expressing my problems than talking to my own uncles and bosses who are considered to be *experts and achievers* in their respective career and family life too.”

“The kind of books you read, the knowledge you share occasionally are far superior and I enjoy every bit of it more than the other people i had above mentioned.”

“However, i also observe myself, *those of my uncles and bosses have positioned themselves far ahead of you, in life, in terms of earning capabilities, in terms of claiming reputation among peers and relatives, bringing up their children, etc.”*

*”Why do this conflict or incongruity happen in most people Life’s, and especially in your life too?”*

“Have you ever thought about the same that you could have achieved far superior?”

“Have you ever tried to identify what you had missed out to position yourself better than the rest who are far behind you in terms of knowledge, understanding, etc??”

*”Have you ever tried to solve this most complex life’s puzzle, and if so, can you kindly share it with me, at least peripherally??”*

The above conversation happened a couple of months ago.

I couldn’t reply to him instantly as his QUEST is the SECOND most unsolvable SECRET of life after “the secret of death”.

*As long as the “secret of death” has been kept secret, life will be interesting one and world will run smooth.*

In a movie, “Sivaji”, writer Sujatha penned a classic dialogue as,

*”If you come to know your day of death, then your remaining living days would turn out to be hell.”*

*As long as, certain uncertainties are kept uncertain in life, life will be an interesting one.*

*The beauty of life does not lie in certainties of events, but on uncertainties of events by not knowing what would happen tomorrow.*

However, if our life has to go fine, we shouldn’t get desperate or not got in to “self-pity” mode or to avoid any forms of negativity, we each one of us *should build ourselves a strong “mental model”* to tackle these kinds of life’s dilemmas.

If we don’t build a proper life’s philosophy on our own, we come “prey” for the worst disease of *”SELF PITY”*.

I shall explain to you about my “mental model” about how i come to terms with above “UNFAIRNESSES” of life in my next article.

Until then, I take leave from you all by appreciating myself as if *”I have created a unquenchable suspense in you all.”*

I hear your mind voice, *”Don’t live in fool’s paradise.”* as if we read all your “mumblings and Rumblings.”

Foolishly yours,


Mr dear mentors,

I happened to listen to one of the *world class presentations for 1 hour with meditative focus.*

I could not take out my eyes from the “Presenter” for continuous 60 min and it used to be an almost impossible task as far as I am concerned.

There’s an explicit grammar for any world class presentation such colourful slides, more of picture and less of words, pause on appropriate place, interspersed with jokes, understanding audience mentality, timings etc.

The “Presenter” has absolutely used all the above grammar and beyond and thus turned out as *one of the very few best presentations in my life time.*

I was awestruck and stunned during presentation because, i had exactly listened to his presentation a couple of years ago, and the TRANSFORMATION, i had witnessed between the two is simply INCREDIBLE and PHENOMENAL.

I feel guilty on myself, how the Presenter leverages his EXECUTION skill by made classic cocktails out of everyday learning and implementating the same on day to activities and thus *GROWING everyday*.

The purpose of so much i write above is, he has used so many of my “TINY IDEAS” expressed through my “writings” during various stages, wonderfully combined the same with proper ocasions, proper pictures, proper examples.

Thus, it has been a classic lesson for me about *how one can make “mountain” (his presentation) out of “mole” (small idea of articles).*

His topic is about *”Entrepreneurship and Mentorship”.*

In my opinion, this “presenter” should be grateful to most of this group of 8 members and especially to me and SURESH.

Why to me : During his entire presentation of 1 hour, he has tied my WRIST watch on his hand and my VIBRATIONS are the most primary reason for his phenomenal presentation.

Why to Suresh : The phenomenal transformation he has achieved in couple of years, is in my opinion, Suresh has IDENTIFIED his TALENT and PASSION and given right opportunities.
(👆This is my own observation. May be I am right or may not be).

Anyways, I have been immensely *proud of associating with such wonderful group which cause transformation of so many including me.*

*The PRESENTER is none other than DR.AV. SENTHIL.*

*Yours overwhelmingly about our friend,*


*”In the long run, we are all dead”* this philosophical quote by Nobel laureate Keynes,
👆 surfaced between Arun Jaitely, former FM and Dr. Manmohan Singh, former PM after demonitisation fiasco.

Few days ago, one of my younger relatives called me in a somber tone and grumbled at me as one of his hard earned investments towards future, got backfired.

I told him in a conciliatory tone that, if every efforts of everyone yields expected results, and the world will be full of Buffetts, Gatess, Modi’ss, Newton’s, Einsteins, etc.

In investment and economics, there’s a wonderful term called “Reversing to the MEAN”, meaning that, eventually, everything tend to become FLAT.

For example, if I purchased a land for 1 lac last year and I can sell it for 2 lac this year, my returns are 100%.

If I project the same returns for 60 years, my 1 lac investment would turn out to be ₹115 x 10^23 (is equivalent to 115 crores of crores of crores) which may exceed GDP of few countries or one can repay entire debts of certain countries.

In investment parlance, any investment how high it may fly in short term, it would eventually reverse it’s trend in the long term and settled to the average returns of that industry standard average say 15% and it would again reverse it to match the countries economic growth in further long term say 6 to 7% and again it would reverse it’s trend to catch up with global trend of 3 to 4% in further long term.

Simply speaking, if few school buddies had grown up in similar environment and intelligence, how much ever one of the few gained edge over others in short term, say 5 times can not continuously maintain it’s trend and settled in to 20 times superior to the other peers during their 60s or 70s.

It has to be eventually reversed its trend to catch up those guys of about 1.5 or 2 times at their retirement age.

Few exceptions may be there and that exceptions may be purely because of 100% luck of going with trend or changed his industry or by means of highly immoral.

When Mohammed Azarudeen scored 3 consecutive centuries oh his debut, i ignorantly guestimated that Azarudeen may require another 25 tests to beat Don Broadman record of 26 test centuries.

I never expected MSD or Sachin would have to face the tough question of, “When is he going to hang his boots???”

The difference between my father and me is hardly I have earned 1 extra bedroom more than my dad and extra spacious car, otherwise, both of our lives at our respective 70s would be similar.

*Then the hard question haunt at us is, if most of us are going to be almost equal in later stages of life, what’s the question of taking so much risk, being enterprising and learning so much????*

*That’s where the beauty of life lies. The difference lies between your peers who had led ordinary life filled with very few cautious decisions and your active life full of decisions may end up with similar results in the long term say 60.*

*However, after 60/70, your peer may be LIVING TO DIE, BUT YOU LIVE FOR LIVING.*

I concluded my relative saying, “As long as you kind of youngster is approaching me for your life problems and keeping the faith in me, I can provide you solutions for your life problems, I have MEANING in my life.”

For simple understanding, the primary difference is, “In the long term, *are we living to DIE or are we LIVING TO LIVE enthusiastically?”*

Aspiring to live enthusiastically,